Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will You Do The Same?

Just now i went for break time 
there are few guys standing outside
between the 2 mall asking everyone
to buy the stuffs they holding while saying 
 " please give us 2nd chance " 

i looked at them and yup
tattoo all over their body part 
i didn't look at what they holding 
i just walked away without looking back

while i was walking pass the atm
i stopped and went to withdraw cash

i've changed my mind

i'm not sure what they selling
 probably some soft toy i thought
 not sure how much it cost too


i will buy 1 from them
if it's within my budget 

because i really feel bad 
try standing in their shoes 
they are also somebody important to their
 parents, wife, girlfriend, sibling, children
who doesn't make mistake? 
took wrong path before 
no matter how bad they used to be
at least they willing to change for better now

after i bought my fruits meal 
one of them approach me again
now i've clearer look on the items
it was actually keychain

bought 1 from him cost me $10 
maybe some will call me stupid
for buying from them but i felt that
my money is well spent :P

i do have cousins & uncle 
went wrong path before 
 they had their 2nd chance already 

 Remember Singapore does have this 
suddenly just felt like asking everyone
do give your support for them :)

PS: some just act to con your money
so to be careful as not all of them are real i guess