Monday, January 14, 2013

Special Moment

Met up with bf's mum at eunos mrt yesterday
went to bf's enlightenment course graduation 
didn't buy any hand bouquet for him as we felt
that is kinda a waste of money :X

rather spend that money treat him meal

 they make us Q outside 
went in the dark room as a line 

 bf and his course mate standing both side
of the room in a straight line with their eye shut
we spotted bf and walked up to him
stood infront of him quietly 

bf's mum refused to stand infront haha

when the light turn on
bf suddenly hug me and cry
 my mind was actually thinking 

" huh why so drama " 
cos he knew we coming for the graduation 

after that he turn to hug his mum
i feel like taking a picture of him while
he was hugging and crying at the same time
but i didn't because i got a feeling
 bf will delete that picture

haha shy boy

Anyway we had dinner at Vegan Burger 
home sweet home after that

it's good that bf went for this course
at least he is more comfortable
to express how much he loves his family

hope he always remember this important lesson
that the enlightenment course taught him

no matter what happens 
everything happen for a reason
and family is always the one there for you