Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Post

Last Friday 
during work break 
went to plaza singapura for pepper lunch 
with my cousin who also working at same building

just 1 shop away from my work place 

chatted abit here and there while walking back too
 Sunday went IMM
with bf & his mum, she treat us to
 hoshi japanese restaurant for dinner 
thanks her so much ~~

yesterday my family came down
to my work place during my break time
to pass me rebonding cream
we went for early dinner together at foodcourt
i went back to work while they went back home
at night before i off work, my mum wadsapp me
she text me some warm message ~

love her lots

 not forgetting my family too

nothing much happen lately
feb is around the corner too 
thats really fast 

going to Luna Sea concert with bf
and right after it's chinese new year
it's going to be a simple meal for my family

first year without grandma
it's gonna be quiet holidays 

 need to cut my fringe again
i hate it when it's long, not sure why
 but i always feel my head hurt
when my fringe is long .. weird -.-