Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review - Playboy VIP Body Mist

Playboy VIP  Body Mist
 Rose Champagne Raspberry & Cashmere Wood

I bought this for about 2 weeks already 
they have other different theme of fragrance 
this is body mist and vip version

they have limited edition version
smaller bottle and cute about $16.90?
you can find it at Watson if you are interested

i spray it on my jacket
it fade slowly but i can still smell it
just not as strong as when first applied

quite lasting , i hate oily smell
as astons is just nearby and i need this
to cover the smell , my saver ! 

it's really affordable 1 bottle can use for 
very long period just $9.90 and it's yours

they have play it rock / lovely / sexy / spicy
you shall try them out next time :D