Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Post

Yesterday morning went market with bf
wanted to have KFC breakfast too bad
that outlet does not have breakfast menu
so we went to eat roti prata instead 
bf wanted to buy almond milk
 i think only those big supermaket have it
anyway went home after that 
watched hk series drama all the way 
near 3 plus pm we went down to buy cup noodle
while waiting bf to cook his vegetarian lunchmeat 
 this little girl falling asleep on sofa

so cute but she woke up right after bf disturb her

anyway we went back to room and continue 
watching hk series drama and around 6pm
before bf went out for his work meeting
 he asked me to see this 

very nice , too bad when i take the picture
the sunshine is not so bright anymore
 after bf went out , this little girl came in
 at bf's bed , start yawning and stuff

this picture below i wearing new contact lens
too bad bf's contact lens got problem
he said 1 side of the lens is blur

he took it out and tried on another eye 
but the vision is still blur while 
the other side does not have this problem


 message the seller , actually i was kind of disappointed
because i bought many times from the seller 
this is the first time i got damaged lens

they replied they will send the new bottle on my next purchase
problem is i just bought 5 pair from them and why would 
i still order when i have so many unopened pair? 

although i wanted to buy 2 pair kirei grey 
but they don't have stock right now

so the only option i left is to ask them
 mail me 1 new bottle of contact lens 
which gonna cost me $6 for the postage  

by right they should mailed me 1 new bottle
and bear all the postage charge
 afterall it's a defective item
kind of unfair to buyer

whatever i asked bf to try the
another pair unopened lens first tonight

if got any problem again
at least can mailed it together to save trouble 

one last picture of my current hair
asked bf to trim for me on sunday

because my hair is too thick 
i can't cut the back for myself 
since i can't see it and finally
cut down the time for my hair to dry