Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Random Post

i don't know why i can't get the fringe i like
missing my long hair and fringe i used to have

sunday going back home to meet mum
both of us need to make new spectacle 

this noon i wadsapp her 

wanted to ask her help me buy wet tissues
i have some typo wanted to backspace
but i pressed enter instead and not once

what the hell is " buy " " dead "

anyway was hungry after work yesterday
the train is not moving at all and delayed 
for quite awhile at city hall station 

luckily i got seat 
so many people after that

reached bf's home and cooked some pasta
nugget and french fries with bf and his mum

bf cooked this beef pasta delicious

 nugget and french fries by auntie

i'm happy when i get to eat nice food ~
<3 to bf and auntie  : X

Monday, June 24, 2013

Random : 15th June

before i blog about 15th June
just wanna update my current health problem

Saturday 22th june i went to see doctor
because of my eye blood shot look kinda serious

before going to the clinic i went to have breakfast

 craving for Sausage McMuffin
 for v.long time already finally get to eat it

doctor asked if i notice there 2 small white dot on 
right eye i replied no and he want me to stand infront 
of the mirror and see but no matter how long i stared at it
i couldn't find the 2 small white spot which he said :X

so he explained that the white spot was scar
caused by infection he want me to take notice as it 
can be quite serious if the scar got bigger and luckily
it's not at the middle of my eye

anyway now i see thing my right eye vision is kina blur
i believe it's my eye degree increased i need a new spect soon

seriously my wallet had a big hole after that
it cost me $50.20 in total , consulation already $31 !

back to 15th june 

was at home waiting for bf to inform me
when they leaving to chalet and guess what 
i only get to know he reached when i
wadsapp him at 5 plus seriously dotz

when i reached it's was like 7plus pm already
 it took me about 1hour 10 mins to reach down town east
i went fairprice to get my Dasani 1.5liter and some snacks
was abit lost as it changed so much but luckily i managed
to find my way there to pasir ris coasta sand clever me :X

bf was setting up the bbq pit fire 
i stood there and help him fan once in a while

there quite many cute cat seriously ~~

 this poor cat injured :(

anyway i guess it's a fun day for the guys
went back to bf's home with him at 3plus am
it's like already near 5am when i sleep
 and woke up very late the next day shiok :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hazy Singapore :(

finally got free time to update!

the haze is so bad in singapore right now
highest record was about 400 !

felt kinda sick because it irritated my nose
i kept sneezing none stop when i at outdoor
my eyes hurt too the haze is seriously bad 

show you some picture taken on 19 and 20 june

19th June PSI : 150 +

see the picture below can you spot any different?

both was hazy but if you look carefully 
20th June more haze than 19th June
as the psi was 250 +  how about today
it's was 370+ when i went out for work 

thats crazy and luckily bf's mum brought 
some mask back for everyone to use yesterday 

hope the haze go away soon 
everyone should just drink more water
and eat more fruits to stay healthy !

i also request my mum not to bring dog out 
for walk as the air is really bad 

next update on 14 to 18 june

14th i went home had early father's day dinner
with parent and brother we went nihon mura at 
yio chu kang stadium outlets 

while walking across the street i asked mum
to walk faster as there are many birds on tree 
at the spot where we waiting to cross the road 

she replied that nothing will happen
why so hurry and continue to walk slowly
while i already jog away from the tree
suddenly she screamed .. seriously i LOL
bird feces on her arm : X

went to the washroom and clean it off
before we start our dinner anyway
no picture as the lighting there sucks
picture didn't turn out well so i just skip it

seriously i can't sleep the whole night
because the room is too hot even with fans on
only start to sleep at 3am was sweating
 so i went for cold shower at 4am and back to sleep

will update the rest tomorrow 

my eyes went red again after wearing 
contact lens for 4 hour only yesterday
might be the haze and my eyes went too dry 
or something wrong with the lens or my eye

shall let my eyes rest for now 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Post

Am going to off work soon
finally here my 4 straight offday

didn't update as no mobile broadband
the internet connection here wasn't good

yesterday arranged the shop stock
today i ate mcdonald because of hello kitty
will update more next week as i need to log off now

hope tomorrow can have early father day dinner
 next few days better be happy day for me and everyone !!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random Post

wanted to edit the blog post layout
i don't have mobile broadband to use
as boss said he need it for few days
so currently i using lousy free wifi

it's kinda hard to get things done 
this few days i can only watch show
luckily i've many show in my laptop
helped me kill time during work 

didn't manage to get jay chou concert
i know bf wanted to go but that time 
when i went to buy tickets only left separate seat
in the end we never go for it kinda disappointed

 50mins more to go before i off work
finally my 2 days off is here !!

was feeling kinda shag the last 2 weeks
now i just hope time go abit faster
wanna rush back have a hot shower
slack awhile and sleep like a log :X

will update my blog next week 
hope the mobile broadband is back by then :D

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Suntory Milcolla

previous post i mention about skin care
bought this collagen powder from gmarket


one spoon per day contain 5000mg collagen 
mix it into your hot / cold drinks or fruits  

i always drink it with red date tea in the morning
before i went out for work or night before sleep 
if i don't have enough time during morning

1 packet can last 15 days 

i've calculated each spoon cost around $3 :X

so far I've only tried about 2 weeks plus
i can feel slightly improve on my skin

actually there are days that i skipped it
but only once or twice , i can't tell you
if this product good or not right now

now i shall edit my blog
wanted to sort out all the labels
so everyone can find post easier :D

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Random Post

Nothing much going on lately except 
spending quite alot on skin care stuffs

no choice as age is catching up 
and i can't just ignore it right?
 don't wanna look older than my actual age

was in very angry mood yesterday 
was feeling real upset that
 i used up a box of tissues

有些话说出口 覆水难收

already at the age where 1/3 of me stepping
into the coffin or maybe lesser time left
actually nothing should bother me anymore