Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random Post

wanted to edit the blog post layout
i don't have mobile broadband to use
as boss said he need it for few days
so currently i using lousy free wifi

it's kinda hard to get things done 
this few days i can only watch show
luckily i've many show in my laptop
helped me kill time during work 

didn't manage to get jay chou concert
i know bf wanted to go but that time 
when i went to buy tickets only left separate seat
in the end we never go for it kinda disappointed

 50mins more to go before i off work
finally my 2 days off is here !!

was feeling kinda shag the last 2 weeks
now i just hope time go abit faster
wanna rush back have a hot shower
slack awhile and sleep like a log :X

will update my blog next week 
hope the mobile broadband is back by then :D