Monday, June 24, 2013

Random : 15th June

before i blog about 15th June
just wanna update my current health problem

Saturday 22th june i went to see doctor
because of my eye blood shot look kinda serious

before going to the clinic i went to have breakfast

 craving for Sausage McMuffin
 for v.long time already finally get to eat it

doctor asked if i notice there 2 small white dot on 
right eye i replied no and he want me to stand infront 
of the mirror and see but no matter how long i stared at it
i couldn't find the 2 small white spot which he said :X

so he explained that the white spot was scar
caused by infection he want me to take notice as it 
can be quite serious if the scar got bigger and luckily
it's not at the middle of my eye

anyway now i see thing my right eye vision is kina blur
i believe it's my eye degree increased i need a new spect soon

seriously my wallet had a big hole after that
it cost me $50.20 in total , consulation already $31 !

back to 15th june 

was at home waiting for bf to inform me
when they leaving to chalet and guess what 
i only get to know he reached when i
wadsapp him at 5 plus seriously dotz

when i reached it's was like 7plus pm already
 it took me about 1hour 10 mins to reach down town east
i went fairprice to get my Dasani 1.5liter and some snacks
was abit lost as it changed so much but luckily i managed
to find my way there to pasir ris coasta sand clever me :X

bf was setting up the bbq pit fire 
i stood there and help him fan once in a while

there quite many cute cat seriously ~~

 this poor cat injured :(

anyway i guess it's a fun day for the guys
went back to bf's home with him at 3plus am
it's like already near 5am when i sleep
 and woke up very late the next day shiok :)