Sunday, September 21, 2014


have not been blogging about personal life stuff for about past few month
as during that period had to do many review and there is no time slot to update
many thing happened regarding about work and stuff

it's a long post and so mainly will be posting picture only


bf caught this 3 at JCUBE  if i never remember wrongly
 we were waiting for our movie session and decided to kill some time

 i think it was given away after that because 
i don't see this anywhere in the room now

bf in awesome sleeping position !

lousy photoshopped because not enough time to do it nicely :D
 this is my bf shocked at below picture 

 super big bowl of curry ramen !

having his nice meal before their band photoshoot

Monday, September 15, 2014


have you heard of 

i am actually quite new to this brand
what surprised me most was all those unique design

lets take a look at their collection now !


Ultragirl +Jason Wu VI Ballet Flats


i love this blue , it's look so elegant !
never go wrong to match with a skirt

 Color Feeling Heart Flats

Melflex material and look at those cute heart ~

 Flip Wedged Heels

Melflex material and look at the unique shape of this wedged
it's high actually but looked so comfy and stylish too