Sunday, September 21, 2014


have not been blogging about personal life stuff for about past few month
as during that period had to do many review and there is no time slot to update
many thing happened regarding about work and stuff

it's a long post and so mainly will be posting picture only


bf caught this 3 at JCUBE  if i never remember wrongly
 we were waiting for our movie session and decided to kill some time

 i think it was given away after that because 
i don't see this anywhere in the room now

bf in awesome sleeping position !

lousy photoshopped because not enough time to do it nicely :D
 this is my bf shocked at below picture 

 super big bowl of curry ramen !

having his nice meal before their band photoshoot

my manager asked me out for a supper after work
we had a good chat that night although i knew she was
feeling down that night as she was kinda drunk

after the supper this cat was waiting at the lv 6 floor and followed me down

during APRIL , my elder brother asked us out for dinner at AMK HUB
fish & co. it was a good day for all of us since everyone were busy and so
 we hardly have dinner together as often . this was before their HK & Taiwan Trip

BF drew this during our lesson , he's mine happy pill

after both of my elder brother came back from HK & Taiwan

 souvenir from them

bf and me trying to be healthy however i think
we are not that healthy afterall with those ice cream and chocolate

i am a very sensitive person by how...
insects bite can made my hand become like this

this was for new colleague welcome party and also another colleague
last day of her work before she giving birth to her baby girl 


went to flyer for dinner on my birthday
it also belated mother's mother celebration

the first time we were on lv 20th for lesson so excited to see the view from classroom 
and i only get to know ION have a swimming pool on top of the roof that day

 during 19th JUNE we went JUMBO at east coast park
to celebrate my dad's birthday & father's day

 this place have many memories of grandma as we went there
often for dinner when grandma still alive

 can see my brother's finger because he can't wait to eat the crab !

a week after , i went momiji with bf again

 didn't ate much that day as was quite full didn't know they don't
serve crab during lunch hour and their free flow of chilli crab have 
to wait super long and so gave up after ordering 1 plate

bf's room after renovation super comfy 

 bf bought this few cute plant back 

 udon that i cooked for myself on offday
this durian pastry from crystal jade when i went morning tea with family
i did not take much picture because i pouring unhappiness regarding work
and i kept talking that i forgot to take pictures Haha :X

 breakfast with bf and his friend when they go for their tamiya shopping
 bacon pasta that bf cooked for me ~ 


my manager farewell party
 this is what you will get if you're in a japanese company
i can only drink 1 cup of each only to avoid being drunk :D

 cake & tiramisu

my manager came to visit us last time before she go back japan
so nice of her to travel east to west just to buy us cake and said goodbye

 i missing her because she was a nice manager , she taught me well
i love working with her alot she's a happy young lady ~

cooked this for myself while waiting for bf to come back 
i love chicken wrap ~~

 Bought this for my family & Bf's family during end of aug 

bf and me was going for bangkok trip and
unable to celebrate with them during mid-autumn festival
 astons with bf at BUGIS + 
with his friend accompanied us awhile

my daily lunch during work on aug because it's so nice !! 
the boss always gave me discount + more chicken i am a lucky girl  ~

thats all for my FEB to AUG 

next post will be my very first oversea holiday with bf 
after 4 & half year being together , off we went to bangkok <3

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