Monday, September 15, 2014


have you heard of 

i am actually quite new to this brand
what surprised me most was all those unique design

lets take a look at their collection now !


Ultragirl +Jason Wu VI Ballet Flats


i love this blue , it's look so elegant !
never go wrong to match with a skirt

 Color Feeling Heart Flats

Melflex material and look at those cute heart ~

 Flip Wedged Heels

Melflex material and look at the unique shape of this wedged
it's high actually but looked so comfy and stylish too 

 Ultragirl Heel II with Metallic Ribbon

 i like the Metallic Ribbon it gave unique feeling
it's sweets yet gaving out a tough feeling at the same time
do you like this too?  :)

Spikes II Peeptoe Heels

check the studded at the back of the heel.
 get this if you going for stylish look

Incense + Karl Lagerfeld

this is the most unique heels !
i am sure this pair of heels will catch everyone attention!
come in green for the "ice cream" part too !

want to see more design ??
they have more type of stylish stuff , 
do check it out and if you like it , just get it ! 

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