Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Piercing ~~

27th may monday, was preparing to go 
back home as bf working and i wanna 
bring pet treat home for my lovely dog

while i still doing my hair bf called
it's not his working day  -.- "
so i went to look for him instead

we wanted to have ear piercing 
so we went Bukit Panjang Plaza
to try our luck to see if there 77th street
but no the shop is very limited there

we walked back to Junction 10
( formerly known as Ten Mile Junction )

the shop there are limited too
as it was already near 4pm i decided to
check their website for shop location
we took bus to causeway point after that 

bf had 4 new piercing on his ear 
while i had one new on both ear
$6 for each piercing not very expensive

 Left Ear

Right Ear

always wanted to get it 
but never go for it 
finally this time :D

i was kinda surprised to see
The Bluez and Xcraft still there
always visit this 2 shop when i was
still a secondary school girl :X

reminds me of those crazy days
with my good friends back then

after that we went for pepper lunch
i bought Dora Yaki & Durian cupcake

was kinda disappointed 
i thought it will be nice 
somehow the dora yaki from four leaves
is better than the one i got from here

the durian cupcake more worse
i rather buy four seasons durian pancake

by the way they only accept cash
luckily i have enough cash with me !

anyway today i ate something horrible too
i went snackz it / hi tea at work basement 
for cheese fries , look nice but tastes bad

in the end i threw it away 
after eating about 1/5 of it 
went to get pepper lunch during
break time and the uncle super nice

i only request to add cheese 
but i got super lots of cheese 
and more beef than usual instead 

anyway this will be the last time
i had too much pepper lunch this month
and i need to start my fruits diet again
not forgetting workout too !! oh my ...