Friday, May 17, 2013

F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?

when i was younger i was so much outgoing
but everything changed ever since a incident
 from that day on i don't really trust anyone anymore
i discard those " friends " out of my life 

for 3 whole years from sunshine girl to anti social 
i only went out with yvonne, stella and yvette
this 3 lady are the only one i willing to meet 
ever since no one really have been listed as " friend "

as in those that go out often to have meal etc

i don't really like to make friend with girls
especially those who goes clubbing every other day 
those group have more backstabbing , bitchy type
we don't have the same topic to talk about
i don't play with make up and dressing up
or want to know which handsome cute guy

i am a gamer which i have more topic
with the guys as we can click well more
 but now i don't make friend with other guys
as i have boyfriend , i only make friend with his friends


among all his friends there are actually 3 group
i listed it as game group , band group and others

" game group " are friends we play game with
" band group " are friends related to his bandmate
" others " are those we rarely meet

i like his friends from the first 2 group
they are all nice and fun people
i find it easier to get along with 
no matter they are female or male
 i always keep a safe distance with his group of friends though
since i don't really know how to social much with them
maybe everyone thinks that i'm not easy to get along with
it's like there always a gap as i am label as " xxxx's girlfriend "

while on the " others " group
there are some really ill manner people
which i dislike them super much
good thing is we don't get to meet them often

 overall i observe alot before opening my door 
to new friend because i want to keep real friend only