Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random + Music Matters - Jrock

22nd may went to TTSH to meet my dad
as my mum have cataract surgery that morning
i was late but he waited for me to have breakfast together 

after that i brought him to Fortune Centre
to buy Sandal wood powder so next time
he can show mum the way to get there

the hospital staff called while we were in train
she informed that mum is ready to be discharge
it was around 1pm and we went to fetch mum

i went back to bf home at night but before that

love the cheese omg ~~

okay so yesterday 23rd may
bf and me slacked whole day
 was feeling so lazy to go out
but we wanna see SID

so we went out like near 8pm 
reached there about 8.35pm
Burger King at The Central really CMI

it's super dirty !!
 tray all around the table and chair
yet no staff clear away all those rubbish

in the end we just went to basement
ate bali fried chicken from Nojito

 sorry no picture of food as it was near 9pm
we're kinda in hurry to catch SID

no comments too as it was quite normal 
abit expensive for the food you get too
i rather use that money to eat Ayam Penyet
so much delicious and cheaper haha :x

after dinner we quickly went over to the stage
was standing near the stage side although it's not
 very good view but it was really close to stage 

Flumpoo was performing at that time
well we've never heard of this band
but bf said they were quite good  

waited for another 20mins at least before SID turn
as my view not that good i only record some part
after uploading to youtube it's not that nice 
but i will just share 1 part of it here 

please stop the video at the right first

!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!


went straight back to bf home after that

didn't go to the beer market where they have secret gigs
as SID time was 1am and it's first come first serve base
don't think we can get in and i'm working the next day :X