Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hairstylist Job in Singapore

* picture not taken by me but some other web *

Job is not hard to find but
 finding a job that you like is hard

some go for higher salary even
 they don't like the job they having

some go for their passion and 
 they don't mind the low salary
Singapore working hours is weird 
seriously the reason i don't feel like
going back hairstyling is because
of the super long working hour

as in the same amount of working hour
you get 2 offday on other job while
 hairstylist only get 1 offday 

it's been 7 years since i into hairstyling
sometimes i really feels tired

i have no time for my family , 
no time for my friends, no time for myself

i want to take a break for now

i hope to find a retails job
something different from hairstyling

life is short i would like to try
some other job that i interested too

nowdays everyone said

hairstylist are cheap 

 anyone can be hairstylist

all thanks to those cheap salon

they pulled the average standard level down

by doing cheap job using cheap unknown product