Tuesday, August 7, 2012

as we grow older, the more trouble we face

Sunday when going back home
 while i walking to bus stop

this cat was sleeping 
i took its picture, super cute 

whatsapp to bf this picture haha :D

 evening time , bf whatsapp me this picture back


Seriously LOL - Super Cute !!

by the way i bought mango cake
for my mum's advance birthday celebration

went for dinner with them
had a great day with my family <3

when going back bf's home at night
mum and dad accompanied me to wait cab

actually there are many things that troubled me
i'm worrying about my parents and future 
i missed the peaceful life we had before

but it's all gone now, because of selfish relative 
who only think for themself, when they are at down hill
my parent helped them, and what we get in return?

as for myself i also know i can't possible work
at current work place for many years

but i really have no idea what i want, i have no dream
what should i do? study? study what? its gonna be
waste of money and time if i study for nothing 

who gonna give me suggestion?