Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't be lazy

Yesterday went swimming with bf
 didn't expect alot people will be there
as it was monday but so many kids!

first went pool with shelter too long never swim 
i can't hold my breath too long anymore 
so i was actually kinda afraid to go too deep 
and the water kept going in my goggle 

so most of the time i was adjusting it at the pool side
while bf already swam 4th lap it really suck to think that
 i used to swim so much better when i was young  

 now i get toe cramp easily plus my right arm hurt
not sure if it because i took weight for arm 
toning too long the day before or other reasons

anyway after that we went to the pool under the sun
as bf wanted to tan his fair skin , i managed to swim
abit as the pool there not so deep so i not afraid
just in case my toe cramp again at least i not gonna drown 

anyway my arm got 2 different skin tone now
luckily we not gonna swim for too long if not
it will be very obvious to have 2 tone on my arm 

after that we went jurong point for lunch 

look at this tosai bf ordered 
so big and long so we shared this meal 

 went fairprice to buy fruits after that
home sweet home but thats not the end
we continue to do arm workout training 

our sweat was actually dripping like hell 
but it was nice when showering with cold water

 always feel good after exercise ~~~