Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Post

Yesterday morning while in train 
bf wadsapp me that he gonna meet me 
for breakfast as his client not meeting him

he was ahead of me about 20mins so after i
login at workplace i quickly went down to meet him
luckily i went out early yesterday and it was about 
10.30am when we were having our breakfast :)

during night time 30mins before i off work
bf wadsapp me again , he coming to meet me 
as he finished his meeting , so nice of him
 to come all the way down my workplace
and accompany me back to his home 

it really feels good 
when he did that once in awhile

we went for late dinner at McDonald  
i had nugget while he ate the meal french fries
 apple pie and we shared corn cup 

there this xmas tree decoration outside
it really nice :)

 another few more days to 2013

2012 overall was a bad year 
because we lost our grandma 

i love her and always will be