Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm A Happy Girl.. maybe

Although grandma left us for 1 month already
but she still live in our hearts & mind
till now when we having our dinner together
we still talk about grandma, the joys she brought to us

11 dec was WS birthday 
bought a 1kg mango cake for him 
mum & me sang birthday song for him too

My dad was still working at that time
 so i wadsapp him the cake picture
and his reply never fail to make us laugh

13th Dec 

bought KFC Blueberry Pancake meal for breakfast
come with 2 pcs of pancake, egg and 1 hashbrown
bought a additional hashbrown cos i love it!
 i am bad , i wadsapp bf this picture 

On 15th Dec
it's was my grandma's 4 weeks
wake up early at 7am met up with aunt
and off we went to pray for grandma 

wanna thanks my boss for exchanging my
off day as by right i am supposed to work on 15th
it was my dad's offday too so we waited for WS
to off work in the late afternoon and we went 
commonwealth for dinner 

the time i in train back to bf home
bf was just 2 stop ahead, so he waited me at 
train station and go home together

so nice of him

16 Dec

yesterday bf suddenly said he wanna go down
to his work showroom and he ask me to
find him later as he wanna show me around

as my shoes was dirty i wore a boots out
went to jurong point to buy a converse sneaker 
before heading down to find bf 

the staff there quite nice actually 
anyway i changed the shoes right after i bought it

bf kinda funny kept asking me which station i've reach.
when i reach i called bf asked him where is the showroom
i saw the white tents and i walked over but it was a dead end

 i called bf again and i was kinda in a bad mood 
he should have told me the correct path to walk over
i don't mean to sound pissed but i did talked in that way
i am bad but i dont know why i become like this haha

anyway after bf show me around we went to take bus
thought of going to tiong bahru but no bus go there
so we board 139 to Plaza Singapura

bf ate mushroom crepe and i had ham cheese crepe 
shared tomato soup & root beer after that walked
 around at new wing and we stopped at Marble Slab

bf bought large cup and it cost $14 plus .. 
seriously i think it's very expensive and don't worth it

 we didn't finish the whole cup anyway 
it's way too much -.-"

slack around for awhile and bf brought me 
to lan shop to play L.O.L too bad 10mins into the game
 and server hang we left that lan shop and went Macdonald
 to wait for his friend JB as both of them going for
their company xmas dinner event

when JB arrived i went nex shopping mall
to find parent and WS , we meeting for dinner
and not forgetting WJ & Sis -In -law

Thanks to WS for treating us dinner at Sushi Tei !