Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beloved Grandma - 2

when grandma arrived in her coffin
that heartache feeling is super unbearable
we just can't stop crying 

it's really hard to accept the fact she's gone
she was still alright when my bro got married
she left us so sudden just 1 week after 

on the first night after i took my shower
mum said they saw a rare crystal jade color grasshopper
a very beautiful one but it disappear after they 
called out  " grandma "

on the 4th night of the wake 
while the monk start their buddhist chanting 
there's a moth flying above us 

chinese or buddhist believes that 
when someone in the house passed away
they will come back to visit by different insect form
and as a moth most common type you'll see

on the last night of wake
my 3rd uncle, eldest bro and me
 didn't sleep at all, it's grandma last night
and we just wanna accompany her

soon its dawn after sometime we send her off'
for cremation and everyone was crying badly
after that we went back to our house blk
had lunch and off again to collect grandma's bone
everyone get to touch and pick up grandma's bone
that feeling is really weird seriously

anyway had a bad incident that day
not gonna post on that but i wanna say
i hate my 2nd uncle , he bullied other uncle
and yelled at my mum , seioursly 2 word for him FO

every weekend i went home with a happy mood
the first thing i do is greet my grandma while closing
the house door , put my bag down and sat beside her
talk to her, play with her 

after she gone , there are few times i cried while
walking back home because she is not there 
waiting for me to greet her anymore 

but everything is alright now
we must think positive view that grandma
if free from misery now . may buddha lead her well

 i wanna say Thank You to both of my boss
for very understanding and approved my leave
for so many days. it's very inconvenience for them
since year end is always a busy period 

by the way on 19th nov 
i went amk hub to watch movie 
" ah boys to men " with bf

i know it's very bad timing to watch the movie
since grandma's wake is not over yet at that time
but we bought the tickets on 16th nov when
 grandma is still alive and there's no refund

thanks mum for asking me to go ahead for the movie
  i went back right after it end and seriously
i had a good laugh and it made me feel better

overall it's nice movie 
please support local movie!
 we will watch part 2 on feb 2013