Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beloved Grandma

Grandma left us on 18th nov 

i was working on 17th nov , 7plus pm received a text
from WS my 3rd bro, that grandma fainted 
mum is with her on the way to hospital

 called mum to ask which hospital they went
called my boss to inform him that i have to go off right away

met up with WS at novena station and hurry off to 
A&E at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

 my mum , 2nd bro & sis-in-law were there already
we waited at the waiting room for update 

around 8 plus we went to see the doctor ,
 he showed us the scan of grandma's head 
from above eyebrow, he explained that there are 
blood in her brain and is 60% brain damaged
he told us to prepare for worst 
as grandma can't take operation 
 she will become vegetative patient even
she able to survive, the thought of her 
won't be able to talk , no more reaction
break my heart and we cried

 called all the relatives to come down right away,
 WS & me went back to mrt station to wait for dad. 
while waiting there, cousin JS along with his gf 
reached and next my eldest bro WM soon after dad too

we quickly walked back and met up with the rest
but was told to wait as they are transferring grandma
 to ward which it took about 2 hour to do so .. 
it was already near 11pm at that time   

when we finally able to see grandma 
she was in coma, she was struggling to breathe hard
all her sons and daughter were already by her side 
except for my 3rd uncle the only one still not there 

at around 2 plus am some uncle already went back
dad, Wm & Wj were asked to go home too 
as they're working in morning, 3rd uncle reached
shortly after with some of his friend .. 

after 3rd uncle talked to grandma , her heartbeat start
going lower and lower, her blood pressure
 went higher and higher. uncle's friend say 

 ( he can see those "thing" )

grandma cannot make it already and 
they were asking her to go peacefully i quickly texted Wj
to update him and he rushed back to hospital again
after awhile 3rd uncle went off with his friend

WJ reached and we just stay at grandma side 
she was breathing hard and slowly
 she not breathing anymore but
 her heartbeat was still beating for awhile 
and soon she totally gone at 3plus am

after everything done , only left me, 
WS , Mum, Auntie, 4th Uncle & his wife 

This is my first time going in mortuary
and it felt so terrible to see grandma there
after that we went home had a quick shower
 went out for breakfast and bought some new clothing 
for grandma to wear for her wake

( to be continue )