Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special Post For My Brothers & Sis-In-Law

this post is specially for
 my 2nd bro WJ and sis - in - law - QL
 not forgetting my 3rd bro WS

actually i kinda envy of our cousins
 their bf / gf can get along well with each other

at that time i was thinking why we can't be like them
going out together as a group happily 
For Sis-In-Law QL

i understand that you are not a bad lady
i know you don't have intension to hurt us
 with words in the beginning too

its was our wrong to give you nickname 
in the first place but we stopped ever since 
WJ requested us not to be mean after the
 first few meeting with you as he told us you cried

i'm sorry that we made you cried 
i know it's been hard for you 

because WJ have immature bro & sis
who can't accept their elder bro
giving more attention to his gf back then 

i understand WS felt leftout and lonely
when i have boyfriend, you and WJ 
was trying to cheer him up by helping him
with the nicknames things 

i call it a quit if only that was done privately
but i was very upset because you all did it publicly
 i don't like it when outsider ( those at fb ) poked their nose
into our family's matter like seeing a free show

anyway all were past already
let's not mention unhappy things up in future
i welcome you as new family member
i hope everyone get along well in future
family is for lifetime, let's us all be happy family

For My 2nd Bro WJ

 remember the times you called
me to chat while i was working in the past?

i told you that i support you and QL
relationship, i thought you would do 
the same for me in the beginning 
when i have a boyfriend 

so i was upset when you didn't
i understand you care for me
maybe afraid that i will get hurt

especially this was my first relationship
maybe you all don't understand why
parents support and approved of my relationship

one day parent told me they are afraid
 that i can't find a boyfriend
with my this quiet personality

 so when i told them i was going out 
with a guy some times later

they were happy about it especially he is a decent guy
compared to another one which i asked parent for advice 

i know you're unhappy when i stay out late
with my boyfriend, i hope you understand 
during that time i was working very long hour
i only have 1 offday, and i travel by public transport

the times i spend with him was short
i understand parent worry for me to cab home alone
so they suggested to fetch me late at night and
this actions caused you guys unhappy 

i hope you all know
i am already adult , i have to go through
all this stages even if it fail , no pain no gain 

i will take good care of myself and responsible
for all my own decision and action 

you said that i'm always your sister no matter what
i wanna say you're my brother no matter what too  

i hope you will continue to love QL
like how you always do no matter
 how many years later 


 Super Long Post But Not The End Yet!

For My 3rd Bro WS
I know you got read my blog :P

i want you to know , you will never be alone
WJ and QL married, I have boyfriend
but doesn't means we forgot about you

i really hope you find your right girl soon
and looking forward one day we could all
go out together as a family group happily

don't be afraid, don't be shy
we both got close personality 
if i can step out , you can do it too 

always remember we're always here for you!