Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cut my hair again ~

yesterday asked bf to cut my hair again
too much damaged hair and no shape

it look kinda like the first time
he cut for me , not much different
except that bye to more damaged hair
picture taken a day before cut

today .. after the cut

no different right? haha actually it does, 
as i asked bf cut those at the back shorter
which is can't see in this picture

anyway i have to blur out the background
as bf remind me before not to disclose
my working place .. to prevent weird people

by the way

  my boss msged me yesterday at 8pm 
that i've to work at another outlet this
3 days and i only saw the msg at 1plus am -.-"

anyway after i log-in the shop i went to 
fairprice which is just above the shop to buy

 ( as picture below )

so far i ate 2 slices of corn bread 
with peanut butter , grass jelly with palm seeds  

i love the corn bread alots !

the grass jelly not that nice,
not sweet enough for me :X

anyway gonna eat the apple chips later 
if it taste nice, i will buy another packet
to share with bf later tonight :D