Monday, November 12, 2012

It's My Brother's Big Day !

11 / 11 / 2012 

is a special day

morning a simple tea ceremony
to grandma from my 2nd bro & sis-in-law

yes she is my 2nd sis-in-law right now


 my parent, eldest bro & me
took a cab down hotel & reached at 5pm

met up with my 3rd bro who accompany
my 2nd bro since this morning

we went in to wrong waiting room
quite funny actually as it was empty
 so we thought we're in the right room

played phone camera with my dad
until awhile my 2nd bro came in and
said that is not the right room

seriously L.O.L

6pm ceremony started
after that , tea ceremony for both
family & relatives

7.30pm went in dinner room
soon they came in and settle down
video of their pictures started

saw 2 pictures of my eldest bro with 2nd bro
when they were very young, kinda touched

cos of our age gap with eldest bro
he doesn't really talk to us
always seem coldly toward us

but we do have some memories
with eldest bro, although he might
not remember but for me i do..

he use money to solve quarrel between
me & 3rd bro when we were very young

he like to disturb me by calling my names
many times and says he called for fun

he gave me teddy bear for birthday
when i was about sec 1 or 2

i believe 2nd bro & 3rd bro
have their own version of memories
with my eldest brother too

my family are all not good at expressing
family love.. we all felt awkward ,
uncomfortable to do so -.-"

ate till 2nd or 3rd dishes they
went to change for evening gown
came back and had some speech

to all my bro
i just wanna say, no matter how big
the age gap is between all of us
 we're forever family

here some blur pictures

it's really nice & comfortable

pretty nice roses


purse i brought along
contained mainly tissues
and my handphone :D

will update more picture tomorrow
and maybe a post delicated to
2nd bro & sis-in-law
if i not feeling lazy ... :X