Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review - MA CHERIE Perfect Shower Bed Hair SOS

My new love of Hair Product is 

i love it's sweet scent
i have frizzy hair as my hair is very damaged
due to over bleaching , trying to keep healthy hair now 

 bf kept plucking my damage hair nowdays :X

as i working 9 - 10 hours 
if i stay at bf home it took me 2 hours
to go and back from travelling 

i seriously think my hair smell oily at evening time
this caught my eyes when i was looking around
at plaza singapura new wing's watson store  

tried it and i seriously loves it
i need it for my frizzy hair and 
i need to get rid of that oily hair smell

after using during evening i rub my scalp and smell it 



was just trying to confirm if it still smell bad
Nope no more oily smell ! <3

i feel like getting it's shampoo and conditioner 
maybe next month :D