Saturday, October 13, 2012

Create Talents & I Model International

i did a post on this before however i can't find it
weird! nevermind i shall repost this

have you ever been approached by 
those so called " talent scout " at town area?
actually i have been approached by
create talents like thrice or even more

first time was at jurong point
while waiting for bf after his reservist

second time and third at bugis 
 they called me but no i didn't went down

 the office is like so near to my work place
i always walked pass their office 
to buy my lunch and mr bean's soya milk

i went plaza singapura just now  
as usual , sudden a lady stop me 
gave me namecard and take my name down

I model international 
did a research and what i found out 
from other website review

it was under same company as create talents 
true or not ? anyway not that interested
i know how it works, not gonna fall for it

Just a reminder
 other girls / boys out there , beware
not all people gonna get a assignment
you need to let them take portfolio  
which will cost you alot 

even if they ask you go for audition
no one confirm you will get the job
it's all depend on the company
who invites you to audition

for myself, i won't fork a single cent
to take portfolio for modeling
unless is for my wedding in future :X

anyway while i walk back to work
got one auntie kept calling me
and you know what ?? 

she asked me to give her $1.10
as she want to take bus ..
seriously what she thinking ?
i rather top $0.30 to buy mr bean soya milk

not trying to be mean here
i work to earn money for my family
and myself , the auntie is in healthy form
if she needs money, then go work and earn

i will only give money to those old needy