Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

Last sunday before i went to bf's house
he wadsapp me that he going to marina bay
for some work related stuff and asked 
if i wanna go with him 

so i met up with him at promenade station
as i was at ang mo kio , i should change 
circle line at dhoby ghaut instead of bishan

it should be abit faster right?
anyway i was 3mins late and he's
about 15mins earlier ( happy waiting ) :X

 the bus i took to bf's home after work
always pass by here but it's our first time
standing there , it's really beautiful scene

Gardens By The Bay

the spot we standing is really awesome
especially when you look up at those light

it's doesn't look like singapore at all
more like final fantasy scene haha :D


i didn't take many picture as i was enjoying 
bf's got more nice picture but i not going to
post them here , you should really go take a look

website below for those who is interested 

Gardens By The Bay Website 

if only grandma was healthy like before
would like to bring her there so much :(

anyway after that we went home
 bf cooked pasta , seriously nice <3