Friday, February 24, 2012

Review On Nexcare Acne Patch

i dislike it when my face have acne 
i mean who doesn't right ?

especially ladies who need daily make up 
it's really troublesome because we can't
 put cosmetics to cover the acne unless
 you want to be affected by inflammation.

how do you make sure your face is free of acne?
normally i will wash my face whenever i feel it is oily
i'm not those type who drinks alot of water you see

anyway whenever i've acne on face i will get this


it's really nice !! normally i put it on for 1 night
 i can see my acne getting smaller and don't be lazy
when the patch turn white go wash your face and stick a new one

although quite expensive around $8 at watson
 but really worth it because i can see good result :D

sometimes they have promotion for twins pack
do check it out as you can save much more!