Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Soba Is Love!

lately ate alot of soba meal with bf
it's so yummy and best of all
low in calories, contain no fat 
no cholesterol or sugar

best food if you are having diet

 we bought and tried many soba noodles brand
the nicest soba noodles go to this

below $6 

 as for the soba sauce 
bf prefer ready made soba sauce

below $7


while i prefer the soba sauce that bf prepared with


below $10 for this big bottle
 you can get from daiso small bottle $2

it's very affordable actually 
you are supposed to add abit of
seaweed on top of the cooked soba

as for the soba sauce you only need
1/3 of very small bowl and mix with ice water
1 : 1 
just a side note 

kikkoman soba tsuyu 
only last 3 days after opening 
so be sure to finish it !