Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pitiful Old People

this morning parent went out early
was told to have bread for breakfast

anyway i went out without breakfast 
as it was raining , i went to buy breakfast 
at the mall before heading to work 

while i was walking underground towards
 the mrt station, i was actually counting the coins 
i have as i want to buy soya drink
 later on the way to my work

suddenly i remember i didn't bring tissues out
 i turned around and saw a old lady on wheel chair
selling tissues just 5 steps behind me so i walked up
to her,  gave her $2 for 3 packets of tissues

just when i was about to go off 
the old lady showed me her right leg  
which got amputated due to diabetes and requested
a cup of soya drink without sugar from me

 actually i was kinda lost at first as i can't remember
 where got sell until she told me there was store at basement

thats was when it reminded me 
 mr bean store outside of ntuc fairprice
i went off to get a warm soya drink for her 

after i came back , she thanked me and kept 
holding my hand while talking to me 
 many people look strangely at me
while they walk pass us

seriously why looked at us like that
 it's not like we doing any wrong things
it's a good deed to help someone out
 even i don't know that person 

i told that old lady i need to rush for work
as it was quite late already luckily i reached 
work place just in time :)