Sunday, May 20, 2012

Creepy Guy

for the past 9 days
( except my 2 offdays in between so make it 7 days ) 

 this weird so called " uncle " in his 30s +
walking around my workplace  E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y

 he pretend to look at the display items outside the
shop beside my counter after awhile he will start
walking past my counter left and right for at least 8 times

sometimes he stood infront near my counter and look
at my direction , sometimes he pretend to look away
at first i thought he was waiting for people

 BUT i knew something is wrong
 he came everyday doing the same thing
at different timing like anytime
from 3pm to night time =(

i went for my evening break at around 5pm today
and saw him standing outside my counter

so after i locked the roller shutter
i quickly walk away to buy my dinner
he was gone when i went back anyway

the most creepy thing is around 9.45pm
when i was closing shop wanted to go washroom
i saw him again sneaking around outside the shop

i locked roller shutter and went another direction
 to washroom, thinking that he will go away
after i'm done but i was wrong , he stood
right outside the shop ! seriously " WTF "

the shop beside are all closed only fitness 
infront of my counter and bubble tea shop
 at another side which is blind spot from my counter

when i unlock the roller shutter
 he walk and stood somewhere behind me,

 standing there and looked at me even when i
was inside the shop after i pulled the
roller shutter down and finally
he go off after awhile

how creepy is that guy?
it's very irritating to the max