Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday Post !

21st may was my birthday 
 kinda of excited when bf suggested to go zoo
this is the first time we're going there together as couple :P

on that day morning , its was about to rain so we waited 
awhile thinking we might need to cancel the trip but luckily
 the sun is up there when we went out with our empty stomach

cabbed there from bf's home , i got my ticket for free! 
they have this special treats for birthday boy / girl
regardless of age , as long you bring your IC there
and it must be your actual birthday date

so awesome, the staff is really nice. she reminds me
to redeem free ice cream at the ah meng restaurant 
and also gave me birthday badge which give
 10% discount for retails and f&b 

the first thing we went in was to find
 KFC at rainforest kidzworld!!
took some picture of the animal while finding our way there
was kinda lost hahaha so we redeem the free ice cream first
when we happened to passby there hehehe :)

so sweet !
this picture really LOL 

beautiful white tiger swimming under hot sun

and start walking up around to dry itself i guess

another white tiger relaxing at one spot
beautiful eyez , so perfect !

Finally reached KFC , this was what we both shared

baby goat at kidzworld  , super adorable 
bf played with it , took some picture of them
 i can't upload the picture here as bf will " niam / nag "
but it's was on my facebook album LOLz

i think thats all for today,
 not gonna post all animal picture
only those super cute and rare picture that i liked

very lucky most of the animal was quite active that day
and we had alot of fun ! didn't waste money on bf's tickets =D

here a birthday cake from my parent when i was
home on 20th may , i love my family alots :) 

lastly thank you for all the birthday wishes :D