Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food From Dhoby Ghuat Area

For the past week, every morning if i'm working
my breakfast will be from Yakun as they have 1
outlet just below in the same building haha

 Set F 

Cost : $4.50
which includes 2 half boiled egg  
tea / coffee and 2 slices of toast

i like to put alot of pepper with abit of light soya sauce   

 2 slices of kaya peanut toast bread 
after cutting it become 4 portion 
  photo footer.png

Cost: $4
 located at Kopitiam  
between Hotel Rendezvous & Bra Basah Mrt 

i eat this shredded chicken macaroni for lunch
the soup is super nice , it's a must try !

  photo footer.png

Cost: $5

 Cold Storage @ POMO

Includes 1 packet of cut fruits
1 creamy soda drinks and 1 wrapped with choice

my choice was teriyaki chicken with mayo 
it looks nice but taste alright but it's like... 
you will get sick of it after few bites 

 photo footer.png
actually i do eat other food like sushi from the same 
cold storage or thai beef hor fan from the same kopitiam
but it's expensive like $5 so i only eat that once awhile

  for fruits stall, plaza singapura level 6 foodcourt
 price is more cheaper than other fruits stall too

anyway my next post will update
the movie day out with bf