Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie MIB 3 Review / Beppu Menkan Food Review

4th june went to watch MIB 3
with bf at Tiong Bahru Plaza

the movie is awesome! we both liked it lots
it's really funny & touching at the end of the movie

 abit too late to say this but still
 it's a must watch for everyone :D

by the way you must be thinking why
we watch movie at plaza instead of town area
actually it's because of this Japanese Noodle House


 Curry Katsu Ramen  

BEPPU MEKAN @ Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-16/17

Beppu Menkan is well known for it's spicyness
but both of us ordered with no chilli at all

well nothing much to choose but the food
quite nice to us actually this is around
the 4th times we went within 2 years :S

we don't go there so often as Tiong Bahru Plaza 
got nothing to shop at all !! unless we wanna watch
movie & thinking of the ramen else we won't go there haha