Friday, June 22, 2012

Food Review - Baja Fresh

i think i'm having bad luck seriously
my finger bleed yesterday night when
 i unlock the foldable laptop table

today i found out that i lost shop key
while i walking toward workplace 

i called bf to check if i left it in his home
but no it's not there so i called my boss

while waiting for my boss to come i went
to have my breakfast and bf called me

was talking half way
 as i wanna keep my changes
so i told him to hold on, guess what?
 i dropped my handphone

seriously wtf... 

even my hp battery fall out from phone
this is the 2nd time already! luckily no damage ..
Samsung Galaxy S2  <3

 i went to taxi stand and
 waited for my boss to come
so sorry to him that i caused trouble for him :(

 photo footer.png

bf came my workplace yesterday night

when he went to buy dinner
 i notice shop signboard light 
was blinking non-stop, a bad feeling
 after i notice it , no wonder i having bad luck

i asked bf to buy food from BAJA FRESH
and seriously it's super bad choice , 
the worst meal i ever had in my life !!

don't be fooled by it's picture like i did

Fajitas Chicken

 i asked bf to buy fajitas chicken for me and 
i regretted making him buy dinner from there

firstly the chicken is white and small nothing like
the picture of it's golden brown look at all

cost $25 plus for both Fajitas & Burritos 


bf comments that the burritos veggie is fresh

hmm yea fresh, if you want something fresh
you can get it at cold storage at lower price!

if you like veggi and such 
i guess this is the place for you to dine 

wasted my money as i only ate few bites of it
and throw everything away along with bf's burritos
just ... not my day !