Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Update / Movie Review - Promethus

8th June 

i took my off in lieu
was playing League Of Legends ( LOL )
with bf's the night before until 4am 

slept for at least 13hours seriously shiok
i used to sleep 15hours everyday 2 years back 
 now only 7 hours, it's like half was cut off 

 slacked whole day with bf at his home before
going out to kenn's birthday celebration? 

get to know someone new , friendly nice lady 
somehow i think she abit drunk? Haha :X
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9th June 

was working until near 9pm
had a shocked when my naughty bf 
jump up infront of the counter 

seriously scared me as i didn't expect him to be here
he came with his colleague , after that they went
to get movie tickets - PROMETHUS


nice & interesting movie
some part quite funny 

especially last part but no
not gonna update what happened
as it won't be funny if i typed it here

so just watch it yourself! 
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 11th June 

meet up my kuku sista -
Yvonne & Stella + her kids & cousin

it's been many months since i last met up with them 
i understand that all of us not as close as before

 precious doesn't wanna talk to us
meimei cherris also ignored us  -.-"
only treasure play with us

 everyone gotta go after the dinner although
only 1 hour plus,  its still good to see them :)
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by the way , my mum so cute!
she gave me kinder joy LOL :X

 went to find bf after their basketball game
9 stop away only , the bus only took 11 mins
 travel time to reach and ha here the kitty i wanted to see

she looking at her own tail via the mirror !


this is when she was about to attack bf's arm :D

Lastly hope to see her again !