Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Palmer's White & Even Range

it not easy to be maintain fair skins 
 it's hard to archive having a flawless skins

Discoloration or hyper pigmentation can be caused by
 many factors most common is damage caused from 
UV exposure becoming worse with age. 

Other factors can be  acne scarring,  severe dryness,
  hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control pills, 
or hormone replacement therapy  

 but don't have to worry now !

Retail Price : $29.90

it's lightweight non-sticky with a delightful floral scent
  absorbs very quickly, you can see on the last picture
for the sheer veil shimmer finishing 

 whats in this product?

look below !


 Palmer's Brand Ambassador Sonia Sui

 next up will be CBB CREAM

Retail Price : $22.90

now you wonder what is this CBB Cream
it's means Correcting Beauty Balm

even people like me who worked in mall 
who does not have much contact with the sun
afraid of the UV coming from the light in our store
 that slowly damages skins over time

left : after using Spot Corrector
right  : after using CBB Cream

 Formulated with the unqiue Tone Enhancing Complex
 + Mineral Pigment,v to even skin tone, renew radiance
 and leave skin with a flawless finish.

A multi-functional formula that targets discoloration 
and  spots while providing natural pigment-perfecting coverage

SPF 15 protection from the sun, helping to prevent darkening from recurring.
The result is skin that is beautifully luminous,even and younger-looking.

 This all-in-one beauty balm replaces the need for multiple products by :

* Reduce redness
* Targeting discoloration
* Brightening complexion
* Protect skin from the sun
* Provide superior moisturisation
* Priming skin for makeup application
* Instantly improve radiance and clarity
* Preventing discoloration from recurring
* Provide lightweight coverage to conceal imperfections & blemishes

i notice my wrist have a small cut 
so i decide to try if it can cover 
the result ? 

 i almost cannot find the spot with the small cut
it sure good enough to cover it :D

Palmer's White & Even skincare range is formulated
 specially for those of us who are plagued by pigmentation issues 
such as age spots, dark spots, acne scars and sun damage.

 Pigmentation is usually formed when sun exposure
 causes melanocytes in the epidermis to overproduce melanin 
which then results in brown skin cells rising to the skin surface. 

Topical creams like the White and Even range by Palmer's 
can inhibit the overproduction of melanin to prevent 
whats more? it treat skin discoloration. 

you can get this both item at
Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons
, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, 
All Leading Pharmacies, Departmental and Cosmetics Stores

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