Monday, June 1, 2015

Herschel bags for women

Bag is everyone best friend !
i have many bag for different use

if you are someone same
 like me who are more of
" the girl next door type " 
don't miss out this post!

today i going to recommend you
 some stylish bag , let take a look !

very simple design nowdays it's a trend for using backpack
herschel brand bag is so unisex not matter you're guy or 
girl you can also use it as couple bag ! 


the inner is in red and white 

well this combination give a very fresh feel
i felt that it can brighten up everyone's day

this series come in different color too

 this description say it all
this is the American style

well i think this is really cool since look like
can fit many thing into it !

here goes the red and white again!
this series come in many pattern and color 
i like the top 2 from the left ! how about you?

this is the same american style 
however it's in nylon collection

 inner look different too no more red & white !
it's black and abit grey-purple 

come in blue color too 

i prefer this over the fully black 

the blue color inner is blue & grey-purple
something different from the rest too

this series look slightly like the city version
however it's longer in length and yes it's look smart too

for the inner this is also in red & white stripe series
maybe its their trademark too :D

Different color available for you to choose 


let's move to something different
how about a tote bag for you?

i am more to a tote bag person
as i feel secure to have it beside me
my close friend during secondary school
 stole my wallet and phone from my backpack
ever since i use only tote bag :S

but good point of tote bag is really convenient


inner is more to black & brown 
Market tote is more narrow in term of it's width

you can bring this to market and look cool too !
this bottom have the army feel don't you think so too

~~ ta dah ~~
 here come there trademark of red & white

 other color available too

if you are a sport type of girl , 
you can consider this bag
put all your gym stuff into it 


yes this is in red & white for the inner too
but it's ok since the contrast is nice

this series have many color for you to choose too

if you are interested to find out more 
click the link below 

Herschel bags for women

more stylish product can be found in there!

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