Monday, March 30, 2015


Kimono are known for T-shaped, wide sleeve 
i am sure you will be surprise on how many type
of different look it can create

let's take a look of what 
i am going to introduce you today!



this contrasting stripes and fringed hem
 suitable for lady with cheerful smile
 it really brighten up someone's day


i really like the color combination it's very casual
and yet stylish at the same time the highlight on the bottom
braided tassel trims and curved hem.


 if you are someone who love flora print you will like this !
a sheer lightweight material with lace trims
 suitable for wearing in hot weather like singapore


black and red is really nice color 
not forgetting it's fringe trims
i think this piece is really sexy !



this is another flora print light weight kimono 
however this long kimono style is really stylish
the color combination gave out a very peaceful feeling
i really like this piece of kimono  !

knitted long kimono style is another stylish choice
it can be casual too however i felt this is good choice
if you going for a movie ! it should able to keep you warm a little :)


this black white overall look like grey kimono dress
gave out a very elegant feel , if some lady wearing this
infront of me i would have a impression that she might be
 a very successful lady !  


this is a very simple kimono top 
come in a few of color and i really
like the length of it sleeve and
how simple and clean it is


i've seen alot of lady wearing this
simple kimono blouse with sheer york design

seem like this is a very popular design 
come in few color too , how about getting one too?


if you don't like too girly kimono
how about trying this 
white kimono rider jacket
   it's simple and cool :)



when i first saw this i was very surprised
muslim friend can wear this kimono top in style too

there are more design you will be interested to find out
now just click the link below to explore !

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