Wednesday, July 4, 2012

my grandma

i opened my eyes
 and i saw grandma
she is talking to me and
i'm so happy that she can walks too

she does not need my mum to feed her eat 
change her diaper, everything was 
back to before she had stroke attacks
 when i looked at the clock , i got a shocked
it's already 2pm and i asked my mum why 
she never wake me up as i am super late for work

i was so anxious about how to inform my boss
and i looked at the clock again it was 10am
i'm at my bf home and there's no grandma 
mum and family, it's was just a dream....

i think everyone have this kind of experience before
dream in dream, do you get what i mean?

in reality , the actual time i wake up was
8.20am , not 10am... thats was also a dream 
but everything feels so real ..

 Seriously i miss you, grandma
when will you be sober again?
its breaks my heart every time when i talk to you
 all you do is looked at me and call my name
you have so much in mind but it can never reach us

back to sleep after i went to washroom
it was raining heavily and i pray that there's no more
rain when i get out of the house for work at later time 

bus was kind of delayed and traffic was abit slow
luckily the rain stopped when i reached my workplace
as it's hard to walk in spoiled sandals :D
PS: nobody will understand how grandma 
means to my family, she the one raised us
while my parents was working hard to earn money

she brought us everywhere she goes
it's not a easy task as the four of us are super naughty
( my 2 elder brother , me and my little cousin )

the best memories was she brought us
 to mcdonalds buy us meal , wait for us to have our fun

no matter how many more years she left now
she always in my heart & mind forever
i love you grandma