Saturday, July 21, 2012

Joey Yung

this 2 days was kinda busy at work
need to arrange stock and was kinda shag
finally done! so excited as i can relax now!

i slept like dead this morning didn't know 
my sleeping position so hilarious until bf 
asked me to see the picture he took 

seriously wtf ! 

i always wake up in the same position
from the one i sleep at night, first time
i slept until so ugly!

 gave him a chance to snap that picture
anyway i deleted that awful picture liao
seriously joke sia -.-"  

by the way , i love this song from Joey Yung
最后情人 - Last Lover 

this is chinese version it's much more better
than the cantonese version

  actually most of her song are very nice
and the lyrics are meaningful :D