Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my hair is not growing

my hairstyle is forever the same
i never really had short hair , only once
when i was sec 2 i cut my long hair
 to above shoulder length , it suck

 i don't think i can carry short - mid length hair 
it look weird! i think because of my broad shoulder 

as everyone know my hair was bleached lots of time
from roots to end so it's actually very damaged and dried

Last Nov

and bf doesn't like my bright hair 
so i dyed it dark ash matt and trimmed the ends



as you can see from this picture
my roots is black so it does grow 

but it's always the same length as i never cut 
away those damaged hair so it kept on split and
 broke my hair , thats why it seem like not growing

i am thinking of cutting it away like maybe
to shoulder length and regrow healthy hair 
as it's really hard to manage my hair now

it's thick, dried and curly ( natural ) 
and i have to rebond my roots again 
after i cut my hair to save me from 
flat ironing it straight everyday

 i shall make sure bf cut my hair !
 getting sick of this hairstyle too