Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Post - Lasagne

sunday noon i went home , parent not in
as my brother brought them out so i accompany
 my grandma while waiting for them to come back

anyway i went back to bf's home at night
and bf's niece is seriously funny !  

bf locked the bedroom door after we both
went in and his niece was outside banging 
bf's door hard, somehow it opened after few bang

both of us was quite surprised
while his niece stood there
 lifting her arm up and say

 " STRONG " 

LOLz super cute right?!

by the way, went to hospital yesterday
with bf to visit his grandma , hope she
can discharge and go home soon

after that walk around jcube for awhile
bought chicken ham and cheese for dinner

bf made lasagne again :D 

and my campbell chicken corn soup

yummy, so blessed <3