Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just.. Not My Day

28 Sep slept half way
my nose hurt alot i went to the
washroom and look at my nose
it was swollen , numb

i went back to sleep because
too tired to bother it

when i wake up in the morning
my right face swollen too
numb , itchy and pain

went to see doctor
was told it was bug bite
i am very " suay "  
 it attacked my face :(

 cream to apply for my swollen face

anyway bf said it was sandfly
as he had it on his shoulder too

cooked my own brunch again
was alone after seeing the doctor

this time i bake the potato instead
as bf said my previous version looks
kinda oily ( it's olive oil so it's healthy ! )

i ate Tori Q bento yesterday
love the chicken Ball alot
will update that again :D