Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Communication is so important

was feeling kind of depress last 2 day
am unhappy with bf for some stuff

seriously i do hate myself alot sometimes
i know communication is very important 
but i just can't speak out my unhappiness to him

being cold to bf , partly i was angry at myself
for wanting him know i dislike his action badly
yet i just can't speak out to him about this

can't sleep well and i decided to let him know
at first i thought bf will be very unhappy about it
and was thinking we might have a big quarrel 
as my request was kind of unnecessarily 

but luckily bf just laughed it off

i seriously think that when it come to love
everyone is selfish , or at least for me

i will prevent other girl being too close with my bf
not gonna wait till something bad happen and
realize it is too late , i'm not that kind of nice lady
who willing to share their lover with someone else

my bf is very important to me, 
as much as my family
i can be very nasty so 
don't mess with me about this