Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Update

Saturday night after work i went home
ate dinner that my mum cooked ,
home food is still the best

after i took my shower 
went fairprice with mum & dad
we chatted all the way to there
bought some stuff and we went
mcdonald's to relax awhile

i had sundae hot fudge while
my mum & dad had coffee / drinks
it's always good to be with them 

sunday went takashimaya with my brother
bought mooncake for my family 
and before we go home, went to 
upper thomson to buy dim sum 
luckily there's bus straight to our home

monday i was all alone at bf home
rearrange my belonging and cooked my
own brunch , so delicious hahaha
i love egg & potato very much

i should have cook corn soup too
it will be so much perfect meal :P

anyway watched some show 
 bf came home right after
i finished my meal :D