Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sick for the past few day

was down with flu and sore throat on sat
till now i'm still having flu although 
my throat is no longer in pain .. 

been thinking alot this few days
 i really should plan for future
 i really need a higher pay job 
 on the other hand i'm quite worry
family matter is one of the main 

i seriously think my mum is dumb
 i really do love her, but thing she do
is not right at all, she only thinks for her sibling
does she care for our feeling??

i am angry with her , she was the one
who pushed me work under a company
that under paid me , made me OT at home
harassed me after work hour at 3am
and even on my offday 

i was young then , it's was my first job
 what is the average salary out there
i have no idea at all that i'm being conned

money is indeed important 
in order to built a future home 

looking back if i never work in that company
i will have more money in my cpf 
and at least some saving 

i won't be so stress now
i can't even do things i want 
seriously .. disappointed