Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 24th Monthsary

last sunday 8th april 
 early celebrate mother's day, went for morning tea
with family, bill was supposed to be on me but
i took wrong visa card out and my dad paid

my bad gonna return him cash tomorrow hehe :x

on evening my dad sent me to bf's home to
put my clothing and to bf's work place

my dad went wrong way even with gps -.-
was near half hour late but still
thanks to my dad for sending me there :)

We went to Jcube walk around nothing much
it's crowded almost every level  and we went
to this japanese restaurant at level 1

the food seriously so-so only
 the chocolate ice cream tasted like coffee
dislike it alot and it was quite expensive to me :(

after the dinner, bf wanted to buy watches
this 2 caught his attention haha :)

the gold watches is limited edition
there's another design of the limited gold edition

 but sadly currently no stock anyway
bf prefer the red watches here but somehow
it looked pink in this picture -.-" 

i bought this for bf as our 2nd year anniversary
and asked my dad to engrave for me on 8th april
thanks to my dad alot for the help !

13th april went to vivo with bf to GNC
( a big thanks to my cousin too )

after that we went for brunch
at sakae for high tea buffet , bf's treat hehe :)

bf wanted to watch battleship and
 we decided to buy tickets after our brunch

this time my treats ~~
but it's nothing compared to bf's

anyway it's super awesome movie
 everyone should just watch it !

before we go back to bf's home
went to Toys"R"Us !

we are childish? whatever it's cute!
hahaha :X  overall super fun week


 Happy 24th Monthsary to us <3 !!