Friday, December 6, 2013

Food Post - Paradise Dynasty Review

sorry for the lack of update !

went to West Gate with bf on Tuesday
was walking around in the new mall
we had our lunch at Paradise Dynasty

am going to compare this with Crystal Jade
ordered our fav.dishes to compare so whats the results?

Chinese Tea

the tea is not really warm and tasted much like water

  Suan La Mian _ 酸辣面
(Sour Spicy Ramen )

it's almost the same like the one in Crystal Jade ,
 it's good but this bowl is big yet noodle is only
 3 & half of the small bowl below

it's a very small bowl and the one we had at Crystal Jade
got more noodle compared to Paradise Dynasty

 Xiao Long Bao _ 小笼包
 ( Steamed Soup Pork Dumpling )

although this have 6 compared to Crystal Jade 4
this got lesser meat , still preferred Crystal Jade's  

 Crispy Red Bean Pasted Pancake

this is good too , i guess if we are craving for this desserts
we will come back for this since Crystal Jade stopped selling this

Overall we are quite disappointed as it took very long time
to had our food served in Paradise Dynasty 

the staff all look tired and some was even sleeping few table
 behind us , at that time only 4 table of customer , i wonder 
how they going to handle if all the table are fully occupied 

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