Friday, May 2, 2014

Sponsored Review - DENTISTE' Plus White & KISS YOU Toothbrush

it's been a long while since i last update

i'm one of those people out there who afraid of  bad breath
i always carry peppermint candy with me whenever i go work
if you don't like people who smell bad , make sure you smell good first
so i will always take it every time after a meal or in between 

however too much candy is bad for your tooth 
in order to cut down we will need to find other way out

 i'm happy to receive DENTISTE' toothpaste & KISS YOU toothbrush 

 now let's take a look below for more information
before i start my review for this 2 product

Why night-time toothpaste ?

While we sleep saliva flows slower than day time.
Anaerobe bacteria grow very quickly therefore

 producing smelly volatile Sulphur compounds

Result ?

 Bad breath in the morning moreover bacteria, morning bad breath
a sign of other problems in your mouth such as Periodontal Disease,
Tooth Decay and etc. causes body health problems like 

Ulcer , Cardio Vascular Disease and etc.

Why Dentiste’?

Regular toothpastes are not able to effectively
control oral bacteria; therefore, we still have
bad breath though we already brush our teeth well

The only effective Night-time toothpaste
 that you can feel the difference within the first night of use.

Controls oral Bacteria effectively and 

gives the fresh morning breath

Active ingredients and hygienic pump
from Germany, thus, the quality can be kept longer.

  photo footer.png

 i got the flat design

 This picture below is on the toothbrush packaging 

alright hope the information above is useful for you
~~ below is my review ~~

the toothpaste & toothbrush that i'm using 

as you've read through most of it was herb 
so it's safe to use and there's slightly peppermint
 fragrance which i liked 

i always brush my teeth twice before bed 
because i want to make sure i don't smell bad
but with DENTISTE' Plus White toothpaste 
& KISS YOU toothbrush  i can now save time 
 & go to bed with a ease mind  :P

now it's your turn to try this product :)
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 Thank You Sample Store & Confirm Trading
for sponsoring this awesome product
now you can redeem Dentiste Plus White sample on 

Where to buy Dentiste Plus White 
Guardian, Watsons, SaSa, Unity and various major departmental stores

  Where to buy Kiss You Toothbrush
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